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[*]Static tanking stats have been added in place of power/endurance to increase overall mean benifit of these relics in order to make them competetive with static pvp relics.
The use/proc benefits of the relics are already substantial enough that they don't need additional passive attributes to make them justifiably competitive. The Power is present to make it so that you actually get some degree of additional threat generation in addition to all of the mitigation, for the same reason that tank augs have Power on them and DPS augs have Endurance. They're there to round out your effectiveness

Absorb Rating has been removed from the [Relic of the Shrouded Crusader] and given aditional shield rating instead, making this relic more compatible with the [COLOR="purple"][Relic of Shield Amplification]
I'm not entirely sure I agree with this. While it would make the use relic more compatible with the proc relic, I don't really see the virtue in the automatic assumption that an absorb proc is used according to the itemization of the relic.

[The [Relic of Shield Amplification] has had its proc effect expanded to also trigger off attacks that are dodged, making this relic more desirable to tanks with lower shield rating. This change increases the chance for this relic to proc, and gives it greater synergy with the on use tanking relics.
Rather than causing it to trigger off of a successful defense chance (which seems a bit arbitrary to me), I think I'd rather see the developers simply add 2 additional proc relics for tanks: one that procs off of dodging that adds to Defense Rating and another that procs off of shield and adds to Shield Rating, to follow suit with the Internal/Elemental/Kinetic/Energy proc relics that DPS get to choose from. At least that way there would be more legitimate options for proc relics depending on whether you want more burst defense/shield/abs (of course, all 3 of them would be on the same ICD, so you couldn't just use 2 of them).

The only *major* change that I think is even remotely needed is buffing the on use tank relics so that they either have ~50% more rating or a 50% longer duration so that they're no longer explicitly *worse* than the lower grade use relics, which is completely bass-ackwards. If the developers want the duration of the tank relics to be shorter than they used to be, it doesn't really bother me, but they should at least have improved the values to make up for it. The other relics are in a pretty good state as it stands (even if it does perturb me that they removed the Power from the tank relics and replaced it with more Endurance that I honestly don't think is useful): they're all roughly similar in utility and effectiveness, which provides a lot of potential equivalent options that each have specific situations in which they are best, which, in my never humble opinion, is a good thing. If you really want to make it so that you never have to PvP to get a useful passive relic, just recommend that the developers include some passive relics with identical mitigation stats as the PvP passive relics, just replacing the Expertise with a bit of extra Endurance and some Power to normalize them for PvE.
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