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Sorry but Run'n'Gun is overpowered. You get too much mobility and burst for a ranged DPS class.
Sorry, but until your class is interruptable you have no right to an opinion on the matter. At all. You do realize the proposed ability would require being in melee range of someone right? They're in my face doing frontloaded uninterruptable damage, and I have no way to avoid it. I should be able to put some of my own right back in their damn face.

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Jesus Christ, you are asking for a hydraulic overrides on a ranged class? You serious? I can get the shield with the 2 different set bonuses to 15 seconds, haha, i got damage reduction and immunity to every root and knockback for 15 seconds.
I've been asking for Hold the Line on Commando for awhile, only with interrupt/leap immunity instead of immunity to roots/slows. Would serve as an escape and a way to get out damage under fire at the same time (so you'd have to decide how to use it). I like run and gun better.

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Holy Raptor Jesus. You are asking for an universal cleanse??? How about some weaknesses? Sorc healers being vulnerable to tech debuffs while ops and mercs being vulnerable to force debuffs. And you suddenly want to be able to eliminate any debuffs in game with just one spamable cleanse?
I believe he's said that all healers should be able to spec into a full cleanse. In this very thread. Multiple times. I don't see how giving healers full cleanses would be game breaking. There's enough effects going out that if they spend all their time cleansing they're going to be dead healers pretty soon.

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After terrible suggestions like these, i don't know who has no clue about mercs balance, you or bioware. Dude, you are heavily biased in favor of your merc. You are basically asking it to be OP instead of balanced. It's the same as if I, a sniper would be asking to get stealth scan and passive stealth detection
Pretty sure I've seen you ask for stealth scan on Sniper. A lot. I personally, as a stealther, wouldn't mind it. It's not going to save you from me.

Pretty sure you just want us to be snipers. If we wanted to be snipers we'd have rolled snipers. We're trying to make changes that differentiate us from snipers.

Did you ever think why Power Surge, which is on a 120s CD? It is for a reason, you know.
Meanwhile snipers can get off an instant sniper every 6 seconds just by popping in and out of cover. Are you trolling dude? Power surge is, bar none, the worst top tier offensive cooldown in the game. It's not even worth talking about. Maybe if it granted it's buff for more than one cast, but as it stands? Pathetic. I'd trade it for the Crit Chance increase Vanguards get in a second.

I swear Commando was balanced with a completely different game in mind.

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It is sort of funny. A lot of the toys that Mercs are asking for are already available to Snipers, the ranged class that actually is functional.
HA! I've been noticing that for awhile. You can say that again Macro (btw someone note the date and time I agreed with Macro. We've had some, shall we say "spirited" discussions in the past).

No crit snipe, no reactive shot, 2.5 sec ambush. So it's not that guaranteed. And you still need to cast 1,5 sec.
Cept Series of Shot crits can also lower the activation time. Between the two you have an 80% chance of lowering the activation time if you have any kind of decent crit chance.

Also your AoE mez is still 30m while our stun is now 10 (makes zero sense for a ranged class), and while tech damage can get around deflection, we're SoL when it comes to resilience which if specced into properly has a better uptime than deflection anyway.
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