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Well the BM augment problem was really BW fault. No one will augment the bm cause you need to turn in the shells and the shells are the only thing that have the bonus. Thus, you either strip the mods and go without bonus or you go with the bm bonus, but later have to re-augment your gear due the requirement of having to turn in the shell. It's too costly for people who only pvp.

There was always little incentives to do any form of rank pvp in any game. While it initially helps wow has shown that continual gear gaps will eventually result in pvp dying off, especially with rank requirements. The only way I see ranks working in any game is by provide unique items, specifically unique gear, but I doubt it any mmorpg will do that for such a small group of players. This isn't a professional sport that generates a lot of money to justify the cost of the rewards. Personally, I think they should have multiple tiers eventually leading to tournament at end of each season. In those tournaments reward players with good items. However, those end tournaments will be cross server. First, have sever regional tournaments, then have server final tournaments between all the servers. That will make a very competitive rated pvp and give rated meaning.
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Less armour = moves faster = more dodging = less getting hit.
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Oh.. there is plenty of complaining in this thread. As well as demands, expressions of entitlement, and wild dreams.
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