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12.11.2012 , 01:49 AM | #12
I agree. Main problem with PvP is resolve system, I can survive all other problems, but I cant stand stuns, roots etc. which are at least 50% of battle. This would work in 2v2 matches, where you must accually think and wait for the right moment to stun/unstun, but when there are 16 players it realy becomes a stun wars.

The other thing i was wondering lately is Hut Ball. In my opinion it needs fixing, becouse there are several classes that have unfair advantage there. Problem is with ball handler. For example you are slowed but you are able to jump, you are able to use speed and other skills while other classes simply can't. The game depends on which team has more Sages ;-)

My proposition is to prevent ball handler from jumping and doing other stuff. Instead give him a hp boost or something else which can make him a bit stronger. But no jumping, speeding etc.