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12.11.2012 , 01:42 AM | #81
I used Ashara exclusively from when I got her to about mid way through Corelia (when I brought Xalek out for a change). I levelled as a Madness specced sorcerer and Ashara was perfect. She's not a tank though, so you have to adjust your play style accordingly, which means against strongs and elites, you send her in first to grab the initial aggro. With bubbles on yourself and Ashara, outside the tough fights you shouldn't need to dish out much healing, just focus on single target dps and renewing her bubble.

When I hit 50, I found myself using Xalek more, mainly because he was very easy to gear up with my hand me downs, and he made Section X dailies a bit safer. Now I've got HK-51, so Ashara probably won't see much action.

I dislike levelling with a tank, as it's just too slow, and using a healer companion when I'm a sorcerer would be pointless.