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Yes I was in a joking mood, sorry lol

I just wanted to remind some people that most of us play online games to play with their friends (or other people in general).

If you boil the whole game down to the basic it to be balanced, or to be fun? I would rather play an unbalanced game if it was still fun somehow. But no one would play a balanced game that wasn't fun.

So IMO its more important to have fun grouping with friends in a non-RW, than to punish the elite players by making them only solo pug in non-RW.
Unbalanced game systems can't be fun on the long term (what is expected of an MMO). Let me explain. First of all players will perceive the balance issues and since in WZs there are 8 victors and 8 conquered some, if not all, of the conquered will blame their defeat on the flawed system (sometimes for good reason). Those players will lose desire to participate in a system that they find unjust and out of their control and thus the pool base of players will shrink and the circle will tighten. You'll say "but 8 are always winning" true but irrelevant as long as some of the 8 that lost left the system. You'll say "get above the curve", true and very sound advice when you are talking with a friend of yours but again irrelevant when we are talking about an entire player base. Let's say for the sake of the argument that all players are going to form pre-mades in order to participate in WZ's then you'll have an all pre-made queue pool with all its flaws ( uneven numbers will screw the the teams, no back-filling, no reinforcements etc) but we both (all) know that will never gonna happen though.

TL;DR Long run fun and a thriving PvP community can only be achieved in a as balanced as possible system. I doubt BW (or anyone for that matter, but BW in particular ) can nail a perfect system but they should aim for that and hope they have a tight spread .


Edited: PvP system as it is now feels a bit like a "Ponzi Scheme". Fresh players are being prayed upon and when they get older they get to pray on others . Hmm, guess is the nature of the beast.
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