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the fact that a year after launch Jugg and guard tanks STILL don't produce eneugh damage to keep threat is dischourageing to say the least
Mine and other Jugg tanks have zero threat issues in EC HM, TFB HM and NiM EC, I have only done 3 stack of Dreadtooth and no problems there either. I will say Jugg Tanking is not the easy mode the other 2 provides, you have to work at it and be competent to perform vs the other two leave some room for marginal error/lessor skill (I have 50s in all 3 and do all raiding with them all so I think I have a good grip on their strengths/weaknesses). And IMO Hybrid Spec is the better route to take for Jugg tanking (overall better mitigation and agro holding). But this isn't the topic to debate this in.

Sorry OP to interrupt original topic. I do agree some changes should be considered to this Worldboss. My vote is for instanced area for boss but thats not going to happen, I think its ridiculous to have a PVP scenario infesting a PVE one (this coming from a PVE server I choose because I am not a PVP fan/person) If I wanted to deal with the pitfalls of World PVP I would have joined a PVP server and expect that but it should not be a forced matter for those that choose not to.

That and the debuff mechanic is buggy as balls without the intervention of griefers!