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These proposed changes to tank relics are meant to make the dread guard relics the superior relics to use for pve gameplay at best, and at worst, competitive with static pvp relics. I have made simple changes that mirror the modifications to the dps and heal relics Bioware made in 1.5.

EDIT: I have removed the subjective adjustments to the proc and shield on use to keep the scope of these changes as close to current in game relic implementation as possible. Also, some power was added back onto the relics in place of endurance. The ratio of endurance to power I have used is just an example.

  • Duration changes to "on use" relics have been increased to 30 seconds to bring them in line with other similar relics.

  • Tanking stats and power have been added in place of some endurance to increase overall mean benefit and to keep a portion of the boost to threat generation that was provided by lower tiered relics via power.

[Relic of Imperiling Serenity]
+40 Endurance
+24 Power
+47 Defense Rating

On Use: Increases Defense Rating by 350 for 30 seconds.

[Relic of the Shrouded Crusader]
+40 Endurance
+24 Power
+47 Shield Rating

On Use: Increases Shield Rating and Absorb Rating by 215 for 30 seconds.

[Relic of Shield Amplification]
+40 Endurance
+24 Power
+47 Absorb Rating

On Equip: Shielding an incoming attack grants 455 Absorb Rating for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds, and shares this limit with similar defensive effects.