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12.11.2012 , 12:42 AM | #25
But even with full bastion or bulwark 27 enhancements (the highest 27 enhancements for mitigation I can find / make) PTs and VGs have to add Augments for shielding to hit stat optimization, even with 27B absorb / defense mods (unlettered variants just push the value of shield higher). There just isn't enough shielding available on our gear otherwise.

Take a look at the values in the OP again Kitru, the tech tanks have an unusually high optimal shield, an average absorb, and a very low defense value as their sweet spots.

Force tanks though, yeah I agree totally on that assessment.

Note: I forgot the numbers and source, but I remember someone worked or the 4 piece set bonus for jugs as being one of the best in game, will try to dig it up later or do independent math. I wouldn't touch the tech tank bonus.