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12.11.2012 , 12:35 AM | #17
The empire I agree with, if they had a few tweaks they would truly be great for the advancement of the galaxy. The republic with tweaks could work too..but they have more tweaking needed than the empire. If you want a good analogy of the republic check history and look up the actual IRL League of Nations....and how greatly they prevented ww2 from occurring. The mask of democracy and freedom can only take you so far, inherently for things to be accomplished and done 100% freedom is not possible w/o inviting anarchy. Keeping everyone on an even playing field also gets more difficult the larger the population. Saying republic=good empire=bad is taking he simple black and white approach to a grey issue. Just because a republic is a republic and we are TAUGHT to value what a republic means does not mean this REPUBLIC= our republic we are accustomed to in this present time.