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12.10.2012 , 11:56 PM | #6
I am have most of the game the op has and love them I think they absolutely got the pve content in this game right. I can't think of anything thing they can do better other than more stories and maybe allow for you to have multi companions to take on heroics but that is not a must.

Pvp wise in game and on the forums I hear complaints about the dmg that smash does honestly when a ability hits more that your master 31 pt ability something is wrong. Hugh mistake on their part, I have a jug and which is one of th funniest classes to play IMO but the smash is out of balance.

I have a jug sniper sage and assassin, deception spec finall got a needed survival buff. Sages telekinetic spec is almost unplayable I don't know why the damage is so weak for so much cast time but damn its bad, seriously bad. To the point where I have never seen another tk or full lightning sage sorc in pvp in 1 year of playing this game. That's what I call poor design. I love sniper and jug you guys got those specs right other than 5 k smash on rage.

Love this game truly but fix the glaring problems and u will be ok pvp wise. Add more stories and u will be good pve wise.

as for resolve getting stun locked is not good for your game no one should have to use back to back to back stuns in order for their class to be viable.

You know why I think jug is the funniest class in the game because all their stuns are purposeful choke does dmg plus stuns, push takes a target out of the combat plus stuns and resets leap, aoe stun crowd control. Apply the same thinking across the board and u will have a very fun game.

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