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I have an assassin tank which i have a lot of fun playing. The class is exactly what i was looking for when i got into the game, an avoidance tank with self heals. I have been playing since launch with few breaks, but i only got into doing Operations recently, about a month ago.

The tanking mechanics leave me indifferent at best, since keeping aggro is a 1-button job (games i played previously needed constant aggro building and not this easy 110% aggro swap).
However, i was really fond of my assassin tank because of the mitigation that came into tanking. Taking as little dmg as possible is not a matter of stacking armor or 1 defence stat, it takes more than that and i liked it. Also i enjoy not needing huge amounts of hp, i have always been a champion of mitigation over health.

I recently did some operations with my experienced guild group. Even though i had never done operations before cause i wasn't interested in pve, i mostly did pvp, my gear was pretty good, and it was not a problem. i have 61+ modifications in all my slots and black hole/dreadguard ears/relics that i bought off the vendor, and all ym gear is augmented.

Doing some operations, it puzzled me how the development team decided to just throw out all tank stats in the most important fights. I have gamed for hours, farmed for commendations to buy gear, only to make my gear obsolete in all the important boss fights.

Bosses like SOA and TFB and others that i cannot remember off the top of my head deal pure dmg, unmitigated by shield, defense or absorb. half my talents, and pretty much all my gear go to waste in such fights. Also, as a class that relies on aactive mitigation (shield/evade instead of pure armor like powertechs) i am plain worse compared to other tanks in those fights.

I do not understand why the dev team would decide to just throw the tanks under the bus like that. I would do a better job tanking tfb or soa, if i changed all my gear with pure dps gear, just with the endurance heavy armoring/mods/ench and change my shield for a focus.

I do not have an experience as a raider in any game, but i have tanked a lot of content across a dozen of MMOs, and i have never seen tanking stats being useless like that (i have seen dps classes being better tanks than tank classes in fights, but still shield chance and avoidance had an effect)

Why did they decide to make tanking gear obsolete in most important bosses, and how can i effectively tank tfb and soa to make up for this handicap imposed on my character? Is there a way to mitigate their dmg as a sith assassin?