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First of all I would like to thank you for making an educated and articulate post. Most people just ***** and moan about the state of the game. I too love the PvP in the game more than almost any other MMO I have ever played and would like to see it improved. I agree with many of your points, particularly the need for cross server queues. I disagree that premades and non premades need to be separated, simply because queues for premades will inevitably be longer, and I really don't see the point in punishing people for socializing by giving them longer queue times. Furthermore I would disagree that the closing of the gear gap will lessen number of people that queue for ranked, 90% of the people I have run into in ranked have been at least non-min/maxed war hero, I really haven't seen that many (other than win traders queuing for ranked with no gear). I think that by closing the gear gap, PvP will become more competitive and it will be easier for people to get a competitive ranked team together. I still think cross server queues should be implemented through, just to increase competition. Other than that I agree with what you said, and give this thread the Rhaffus seal of approval (I know you don't really give two ***** but still). Thank you for making an intelligent post. Although unlike you I am still hopelessly addicted to this game, faults included.
Thank you for the response, however I think you misunderstood what I said about premades and non premades. I do not think they should be separated, for exactly the reason you posted - it would increase queue times for everyone. The solution that I propose is for Bioware to implement a quality matchmaking system. This system would be similar to how MMR works for arena in wow and the matchmaking system in SC2.
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