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12.10.2012 , 10:12 PM | #6
Cybertech without a) endgame raiding for schematics, mods and armorings and b) without luck RE'ing stuff, is not that useful making money.

So far, I only found (and won the roll) for two 24 mod schematics from raiding - these mods use fairly expensive mats and barely sell at all on the GTN. I've also RE'ed tons of stuff and never got a single schematics - so, unless you are lucky, it's probably more profitable to sell the (boe) mods then to RE them.

The speeders don't sell at all and have ridicolous material requirements.
The high-end spaceship parts sell ok, but are also expensive to make.

With the droid part schematics available for daily comms, cybertech has become a little more interesting - a) because I was finally able to gear Scorpio (after being unable to do so for an entire year, thanks EAware) and b) because I can craft and sell HK gear now.

Only other useful thing about Cybertech are the PVP grenades, if you are into PVP that is.