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This is the buggiest encounter in the entire game. It's worse than SOA ever was.

I don't even know how to describe the various bugs that formulate this hot mess of a boss fight.

Just a small sample of the many that I've seen:

HK-47 becomes immortal.

Infinitely spawning adds.

HK stealths, then reappears completely out of the area, and by out of the area, we've had him reappear halfway back to the start of the Flash Point.

If you or your party dies, HK will run from his room the entire way to your respawn point instead of the encounter resetting, as it is supposed to.

The center chamber, instead of dropping properly, will instead become invisible, leaving you unable to smash the control boxes. Your party will wipe.

Server and client de-synch: You and your game client perceive HK to be in one place, but according to the server, and in reality, he is someplace else, usually he is really on the center platform. This can lead to whomever is fighting him to instantly die, because the chamber drops and insta-gibs whomever was there.

The timed scripts for the encounter either breaking, or entering a loop: We've had his chamber drop 3 times in rapid succession, and then when it left the loop it got stuck in, all of those adds spawned at the same time.

Anyone who squeaks through this encounter should view themselves as lucky indeed, especially if they don't just give up because they wiped too many times due to the bugs.
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