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12.10.2012 , 07:32 PM | #1378
I have an idea for you Bioware:

Bioware is proud to announce it's new Cheap To Play! option.
Only available on APAC servers where you can't really get much more Warzone/Flash Point/Operations than a F2P player gets for free, so you can experience unlimited access with a slim chance of actual getting a pop for the low price of $5/month!
  • Unlimited waiting in queues!
  • Unlimited chatting to beg someone to do a heroic mission with you!
  • Free access to artifact class items that will have a heck of a hard time getting anyway!
  • Full 12 character slots to play solo, because what else is there to do!
  • Near instant support! (Instantly ignored)
Cheap To Play! Coming to APAC servers soon! (TM)

Q: Can I still pay the full subscription price on APAC servers?
A: Ha! What, you are serious? Oh, ah, sure, of course you can! And for that we will give you . . . . a swift kick in the butt every month! (Please stop by our EA offices to receive you SKitB.)

Edit: However, if this actual attracts enough players to APAC to make it worth playing you're not allowed to raise the price again! :P
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