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Exactly correct. What would be the tie breaker after the first overtime? Another one? Then another?

Time of posession is another bad idea. Well we are halfway into the game and its 0-0 but the other team has had the ball most of the time. Time to bail. You know people would do this more freequently than the current system.
I love Huttball. So for me yeah I would love for the game to continue for as long as it took to score the winning goal. I wouldn't even care if it took an hour. However I realize that that's not realistic so I was trying to see if there were some better ideas. I just think ties are boring and I think ball posession is boring. Obviously most of you don't agree, but that's fine.

I've won Huttballs by grappling people into the fire with 5 seconds left. That doesn't take any skill. Funny, yes. But not a good tie breaker in my opinion.