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From what I experienced.

LR-5 is the least gear relied boss of the 3, but with better gear still allow people to make more mistakes and have a shorter fight.

Sav-Rak relies on healer unless others can avoid all the avoidable damage, Lorrick is DPS.

So as long as people know the boss mechanic, Rakata or higher Tier groups can smash it through unless they make some huge mistake such as get smashed by Sav-Rak, not turn Lorrick away from DPS/healer. Columi Groups have challenge but they can make a few small mistakes, take some avoidable damage and still get it done. Tionese has to do almost everything right otherwise-GG.
I agree with everything you've stated here 100%.
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No, Tier 2 FP are just a higher level of Tier 1, and do it with columi, which are Tier 1's drops is not overgearing.
Perhaps this is where our opinion differs. Prior to Lost Island being introduced in 1.2, many players found the T1 HM FPs extremely easy and were asking for harder flashpoints. I have pugged (on 5 different level 50s) several hundred T1 flashpoints. Of these, the vast majority of the players I ran into could tackle all of this content.

This includes brand new players as well. There were many times I was with groups that said "I've never done this flashpoint before" and simple explanations in chat sufficed to tackle just about everything.

There were also groups that failed miserably. But in almost every case this was due to players not listening to advice, or making egregious mistakes (Guardian tank in Shien form, a healer only doing dps, nobody running out of Vokk's circles, etc). But this was (for me anyway) a minority.

There are few I've ever pugged with that found T1 flashpoints challenging.

Enter T2. Lost Island was created and added after the complaints of players bored with T1 flashpoints and finding no challenge. It's more than just a higher than T1. It's a significant increase in difficulty.

Because I've taken players who cannot finish HM LI, brought them into vent and turned them into a player who can (with no new gear), I keep insisting that it is a mechanics issue, not a gear issue. And I believe that the majority can learn these mechanics issues.

I wish this majority would reach for the solutions to becoming better, rather than reaching for solutions that don't require them to.