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You have it all wrong....

You're not playing the "Chosen One". You are playing a brain damaged lunatic who the whole universe is humouring. Oh sure, they tell you that you saved Alderaan from an Imperial invasion.

I checked.... After I saved it, it's still in exactly the same condition it was before I even arrived.

I'm even beginning to suspect the whole universe is just an elaborate re-enactment of something important that happened to the real "Chosen One". I swear Bob The Sith outside that Republic base keeps getting up and resuming his position every few minutes. I mean if they were really well-trained Imperials, they should be harder to kill than one-armed geriatric toll both attendants. Something is fishy.
Well they can't instance every single planet now, can they? Well they can, but then everyone will cry how it's even more single-player than before...