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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
One of the more interesting things about LR-5, is that it requires the group of 4 to be in coordination.

If the group is uncoordinated, it results in wipes.

Some of the solutions I've mentioned above result in less damage being taken by the group, helping the group survive.
I'm not saying it's impossible to avoid, just the healer and dps has to take care of a lot of stuff, so the healer might not be able to cleanse it right after.

I do understand your viewpoint, this is just where we differ.

The Tier 1 flashpoints and Tier 1 operations should be tuned to the majority. The Tier 2 flashpoints and Tier 2 operations should be tuned to the skilled players. This is just my opinion after all, but being that it is mine, I tend to like it.

The Tier 2 stuff can still be conquered by the majority, it just takes overgearing.

OR, the average player joins group of like-minded people to master end-game content. That is a common solution in mmos, after all.

OR OR, the average player decides "I want to be a better player", and reads strategies on how to improve their playstyle, gets advice from other players, etc.
No, Tier 2 FP are just a higher level of Tier 1, and do it with columi, which are Tier 1's drops is not overgearing.