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With Tionese gear, the healer need to do a lot of things such as

Get away from adds
Recommended solution: AOE taunt from tank

Move from growing bubbles
Recommended solution: Follow a set pattern and move the same positions as you move around the room.

Run away toward lava
Recommended solution: Find places as you move around where the lava doesn't appear and stand in them as you move around. This is primarly dependent upon following a set pattern as above.

It's not like they could just stand there and watch the tank all the way, and that's what made LR-5 difficult.
This is 100% correct. There are more things happening then standing in one place and watching the tank.
One of the more interesting things about LR-5, is that it requires the group of 4 to be in coordination.

If the group is uncoordinated, it results in wipes.

Some of the solutions I've mentioned above result in less damage being taken by the group, helping the group survive.

Quote: Originally Posted by Slowpokeking View Post

I don't think the majority are keyboard smasher, even if they are, the drop should balance for them since they are the ones who are giving Bioware most of the profit.

I do understand your viewpoint, this is just where we differ.

The Tier 1 flashpoints and Tier 1 operations should be tuned to the majority. The Tier 2 flashpoints and Tier 2 operations should be tuned to the skilled players. This is just my opinion after all, but being that it is mine, I tend to like it.

The Tier 2 stuff can still be conquered by the majority, it just takes overgearing.

OR, the average player joins group of like-minded people to master end-game content. That is a common solution in mmos, after all.

OR OR, the average player decides "I want to be a better player", and reads strategies on how to improve their playstyle, gets advice from other players, etc.