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12.10.2012 , 05:44 PM | #40
Personally speaking, I ONLY pvp. I have tried most of the cookie cutter specs out there, 23/1/17, 0/31/10,10/0/31, and variations thereof. I've tried to mad maul and I have to say from a pvp perspective, i love it. Creeping terror is not a bad dot by any means, however in the heat of the moment, I find that casting 3 dots plus death field, plus shock, plus thrash is tiresome. While mad maul may not be as good on paper, or in a PVE environment, I find that cutting on a dout for a hard-hitting maul is quite fantastic. Death field, discharge, shock, thrash to proc, Crushing Darkness, and a stun to maul is great for killing just about anyone that's not in full WH.

My point is that as far as "the best spec" should be changed "this is the best spec...for ME." If some ****** wants to split points between all 3 trees, and LIKES it...let him. If someone wants to be a dot caster with a double bladed light saber and stealth...let him. If someone wants to tank and be nuisance to the enemy team...let him. Lets stop arguing which is best, and come up with constructive comments about how we can maximize each spec.

Also, learn to read, OS does not affect discharge, but if you are full deception its worth the cast full deception in current gear, each saber proc of surge crits for ~550 damage, with OS that's 1k from a proc. I'm okay with that.