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Hey there, im a returning player to the game. My computer was down for awhile while some parts were being RMA'ed and what not. Anyway I used to play repubilc (I have a 50 Shadow) but since i've come back everyone i know has quit. I decided to reroll Sith and play a sorcerer healer (currently leveling it at lvl 29 at the moment). I'm looking to raid however i'm also very competitive at pvp. I was in a several top 50 US Raiding Guilds in WoW as a Resto Druid.

Your guild from the sound of it seems like it could be the right fit for me. I dunno if you take players still powerleveling but if not ill revisit you guys when i hit 50 and gear up some.
We do accept players who are leveling. Even our progression raiders and pvpers level up alts all the time so we welcome any who want to join. Please submit an app and I'll pull you in for a chat. Thanks for looking us up.
<E> Guild - Progression raiding
Fun, casual or hard-core, players feel free to apply