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No, the game should drop what is appropriate for the intended gear level that the content was designed for. The content was *designed* such that it can be completed by a group in Tionese if executed exactly as intended. The fact that most people *can't* execute the content exactly as intended (interrupting asap, killing adds asap, not standing in bad stuff, blowing CDs to survive burst damage phases) and have to overgear it because they've got poor execution has no bearing upon what the drops should be.
So the content is Tier 2, the bosses are all on the Tier 2 level, why shouldn't it drop better gear?

If only very few can do it with Tionese, then that means it should not, the game is for most of the people, not a few. Some people can do OPS boss with 4, does that mean those OPS should be 4 men FP? No. In WOW people can do Onyxia with blue gears, does that mean it should not drop T2? No.

The difficulty of HM LI is completely separate from the gear requirements.
Not at all, the difficulty with Tionese and Columi and BH are not on the same level. Sav-Rak is much much easier with a Rakata or higher level healer, not to say Lorrick, with good gear he would go phase 2 before the 3rd kolto tank. Even Columi could bring him to the 5th, not to say Tionese.

It requires a reasonably skilled *player* behind the keyboard, not just a keyboard smasher with a well geared character.
I don't think the majority are keyboard smasher, even if they are, the drop should balance for them since they are the ones who are giving Bioware most of the profit.

Tweaking the gear rewards won't make people more likely to do it (most people will *still* wipe continually when they're first learning it while the people that already know it will still just laugh their way through), and it would only screw up the existing progression that's *already* been heavily compressed by the addition and prevalence of BH comms and is getting compressed even more with 1.6 providing full Tionese to every 50 immediately.
Yes it will, since they get good after 1 boss rather than need to beat all 3 to get something useful.