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I am talking about having to use shoot first which has to be out of stealth and so using it outside of stealth requires a Disspearing Act-> Flechette-> Shoot First which while it is the MOST burst you can give, you just burned a 2 min CD that might not even kill a person because of good players using defensive cooldowns and their own stuns. While I have done this to kill someone very important to WIN a game, this burns both a big offensive cooldown and a defensive cooldown for 2 minutes.

You are correct about the Dirty Kick cooldown time though, my mistake.

I have played as a DPS scoundrel and as a Healer that has been harassed by DPS Ops. They dont scare me, Assassins scare me even out of stealth cause of their utility and sustained damage.

I love my dps scoundrel, im sure others do too, but when you see other classes with MULTIPLE types of utility in a RWZ and all you can really do is stealth burst... not even consistently dps, you are a liability every time you burn your cooldowns. No knockbacks, pulls, melee, no AOE mitigation, below average defensive cooldowns for a melee, weak range, slowest gap closer (lol 115% speed).

Give a more sustained dps though abilities needed in the scrapper column, or give us a good group defensive cooldown. Something besides just being a 1-2 hit wonder class.
Classes with those utilities usually pay for them with lower dps. and just being able to stealth at all not to metion run 15% faster then everyone except mid tree muaraders counts as utility
and every class cooldowns have well a cooldown time also. welcome to the club

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