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12.10.2012 , 04:51 PM | #21
Here is the problem hell its a game most empire players know they are going to lose at some point and if one side is just completely curbstomping the other it would simply piss people off since storywise thats not interesting or fun. Plus making them feel their planet questlines and all the work invested feel useless is not smart either.

People won't find it FUN i mean honestly if you are playing a game and all you hear is OH right yeah what you just did is meaningless since the enemy just pretty much undone everything you did. If this happens for the next 5-8 planets most people would simply stop playing.

Your starting to see it right now more empire players are getting pissed off espically after the new annihilation book.

I mean we got several thousand years and bioware is in a rush to end the war quickly. In my opinion things should be more balanced instead of one side either the empire or the republic going LAWL we trollz all over the other side's stuff.