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Hello ,

Welcome back to the game The assassin tank is still one of the best tanks in the game (Depends on the WZ , for hutball Jugger tank hybrids are better in my opinion) , i would recommend checking out deception , they buffed its survivability and dps , also a bit of a fix on our force management issues (dps on the maul proc more than the rest ). My main is a deception assassin and i haven't played this spec for pvp since February this year , but with 1.4 i started to enjoy my little sin again
Regarding sorcs , i don't play one , but dps ones are food for just about every class in the damn game ( well maybe except mercs) , but if u go hybrid Heal/lightning (until u get the bubble stun talent) ur good to go even for rated WZs
Of course , this is my point of view , if i am wrong , someone , please feel free to correct me
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