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lol wut? That's kind of the point of being in a guild. Not sure if you're serious or trolling. As for the weekly reset on bosses, that's sort of the point of raiding/slowing down gear progression, only 1 clear per week, then locked out. There's nothing wrong with that at all, I'll go ahead and answer for bioware here and say "Working as intended" in terms of being able to clear an op once a week, lol. Seriously though, are you trolling? Either way, thx for the lulz.
Yes I was in a joking mood, sorry lol

I just wanted to remind some people that most of us play online games to play with their friends (or other people in general).

If you boil the whole game down to the basic it to be balanced, or to be fun? I would rather play an unbalanced game if it was still fun somehow. But no one would play a balanced game that wasn't fun.

So IMO its more important to have fun grouping with friends in a non-RW, than to punish the elite players by making them only solo pug in non-RW.
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