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12.10.2012 , 03:18 PM | #10
They should make a tie end in a DEATH MATCH!

It would totally fit the lore too.

Giradda the Hutt: "Ootaaa Woottaaaa!!1 Blaerrggg!!!"
Announcer : "Errm, Giradda the Hutt proclaims that there are no draws in Huttball... Uhm... the winners of the match will be decided by a uh... Battle to the Death!!:
Giradda the Hutt: "Toowallaaa Beeaaaggggh!!"

Then everyone gets one life and the winner is the last team standing.

Someything would have to be done about stealthers hidding out when they are the last man left... chillin in some corner somewhere...