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12.10.2012 , 02:42 PM | #36
While i do agree the PTO is generally better than any jedi order before it i dont think that it makes one overwhelmingly powerful just because they came from a future era. I find a few exceptions that could stand up to most of the jedi of the PTO (Exar Kun, Revan Reborn (not foundry Revan), Emperor Vitiate, Darth Nihilus, Marka Ragnos, (basically almost any ancient sith lord), I wouldnt put Satele Shan cause her feats arent as grand as those past names (she was a master and couldnt beat Darth Baras when he wasnt at the peak of his power but thats besides the point) that being said I think Ventress would win cause shes dueled some of the best jedi masters from the PTO and lived where u get Bastila whos only known duels she had were against Darth Malak, and an amnesiac Revan (whom she both lost to) both which couldnt light a candle to PTO masters im sorry Ventress wins in a not so close fight.