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I had groups with a lot of people and I don't see the "plenty" as you claimed, Tionese groups I've met never beat LR-5 or even get close. Even these people in the thread could only do it with really good groups and that's mostly after they did it with better gear. We need at least Columi to beat it. And the game should balance the drop base on its majority rather than a few elite runners.
I believe that what is really needed is a clear explanation of strategy. This is most effectively done in vent by someone who really knows what to do.

I had been unable to pass the fight in Black Hole/Rakata despite reading strategies and watching videos. It only took ONE TIME in vent with another player who walked us through every encounter and we finally mastered the fights. I have done the same for other people, people who previously thought the encounters were practically impossible. One of the players I taught went on to teach other players the same way. She actually spent most of of a weekend doing about 10 runs with different people in her new guild who hadn't been able to master HM LI.

So I've personally seen at least 20 players who went from "HM LI is too damned difficult" to "Wow, I can do HM LI!"

I wish you were on Begeren Colony, because I firmly believe that I could get you into vent and take you through the fights in such a way that you would know how to run them cleanly and this would change your mind about how difficult it is (or isn't).

Edit: Pro tip. If you are on interrupt detail for LR-5, are you catching incinerate within 0.7 seconds of the cast? If you are, good. If not, here's what I suggest to people having troubles.

1. Turn on "Focus Target"
2. Make it nice and big so you can see the cast bar.
3. Bind your Interrupt to one of your mouse buttons closest to your thumb. For me I use my "Browser Forward" mouse button.

If I'm on interrupt detail I can catch incinerate before the 1-stack mark 95% of the time with this method.

This works as a tank, dps or healer. If you're a healer on interrupt detail (even though I don't recommend it) you can still catch it before one-stack by hitting tab (left pinky)+interrupt (right thumb) as soon as you see the cast bar, then go back to healing.

Edit Edit: Pro Tip #2, There is an exact pattern to the flaming grates. And the energy coils drop at regular intervals. A correctly executed strategy will allow you to move in such a way that the players hardly ever have to be standing in a flaming grate.

Pro Tip #3, the adds don't do a lot of damage. Often times the tank will AOE taunt them to the middle to reduce stress on the healer.

Just these three things above, executed properly, will reduce healing from "OMGWTFBBQ" to "We Did It!"