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I would have liked to seen the planet story more geared towards something like “Look, another member of Havoc Squad has arrived! With this and all the Jedi that have come on the scene surely the tide will shift in our direction!”

General Rydzadesque: "Ah, welcome to Belsavis. It's been pretty rough lately, and it's nice to see that people saw our request for help on the Holonet. We've got a few dozen of the Republic's most elite troopers, a few protectors of the entire Jedi Order, and more Jedi Knights than you can shake a lightsaber at --don't try, they're itching for action-- but what we really needed was a seventh smuggler to really turn the tide. Ah. You're going to hit people with your blaster. Yeah, that's just what we needed."

I know that is just the heroic adventure I look for in games.