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And I don't understand what are you people against? Would the LR-5/Sav Rak fight have less fun if they drop Rakata? No. Will the majority try it with Tionese right now? No, but with better gears, more people will be willing to do it.
There are already plenty of people that do it. The problem is that a lot of people go into it undergeared and not knowing what they're doing. Improving the gear that drops from successful runs isn't going to do anything about either of those. In fact, making it drop all Rakata gear would probably make it get *more* undergeared people running it because it would let them completely skip over EV KP and the SM version of EC and TfB from a gear progression standpoint.

HM LI is *not* a hard instance. The gear requirement for it is nowhere *near* what most people run it at and the gear it drops is appropriate for the *gear that is required to complete it*. Just because most people can't run it without vastly overgearing it because they're largely incompetent and have no idea how to do basic research or follow strats beyond the simplest of tank/spank doesn't mean that the said players should be *rewarded* for having to overgear the content in question *especially* when doing so would fundamentally screw up character gear progression.

Improving the drops for HM LI isn't needed: plenty of people already run it without problem, and it's not going to make the fights spontaneously easier for those people that have problems with the mechanics because they've got to actually finish those fights to get that gear.
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