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Just for RP in general I think Republic would have a lot more widespread RP as most of the movies and books relate to large groups of Rebels and Jedis while normally two Sith. I have not seen an Imperial Navy RP guild yet which I would think would be fun. I did see Tusken Brawler in his full Tusken Raider outfit he even had his companion in one which was cool. Things like that are in the game to basically go anyway you would like it's just up to the players to make guilds and RP those groups of Star Wars characters.

Also another idea is with a lot of the new cartel armors certain groups of republic troopers can create there own color specific armors. I really like the level 40 PVP helmets as they look closest to the phase 1 clones. Making up color specfic squads would be something nice to see with ranks and different armors based on ranks. I don't get over to my republic characters much these days but I do have an alt Trooper/Jedi Knight I've begun to level to see the stories so I may see more of the roleplaying there. From the Imperial Side I rarely see much is anything but I'm in Warzones most of my time or at the Fleet.
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