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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
Here's the thing, saying that the drops don't match the difficulty is just another way of saying it is too difficult.

If Bioware actually changed the drops in HM LI to all Rakata, this sets a precedent. Why stop at HM LI? SM TfB is harder than HM LI. That only drops Rakata except for the last boss. Should that be changed to drop Black Hole on every boss? HM EC is harder than SM TfB, but that only drops Campaign. Should that be changed to drop Hazmat and Dread Guard?

You're arguing in favor of gear escalation by an entire tier (56 to 58). Bioware hasn't done that on ANY of their content tweaks. On the other hand, they HAVE nerfed content and made it easier. Your insistence that HM LI is too hard will result in:

1) The level designers ignore you and leave it untouched, or
2) HM LI get's nerfed yet again.

This is why I press my case. I don't want it to be nerfed.
Bioware did, they added Exotech and Columi implants/earpieces to Tier 1 HM, that's what I'm asking them to do for LI.

And yes, they will nerf TFB and possibly EC HM once new OPS and Tier is out to avoid huge gear gap between characters.