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12.10.2012 , 01:34 PM | #1
Ok patch 1.6 goes live tommorow, with no class balences, a new war zone and the removel of BM gear and reduced grind for war hero gear. Im already seeing more lolsmash 50s in wz, with in a week we are just going to see more of them and they will be in WH gear. 50% of me agress with the reduced grind IF the classes where balenced but the other 50% of me sees it as a slap in the face to all who came before and grinded there gear. Whilst i think this patch should be a good thing im expecting to see a lot of people who pvp just stop playing due to under developed balenceing and i dont realy think people can say it will make a wz down to skill when there is blatent inbalences between class.

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