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I'm not against difficulty, but the drop should match its difficulty for the majority, the drop should give upgrade to the majority who can do it, that's being fair. And that's most of the good games are doing.

Also LI is different than some OPS, its difficulty of the 3 bosses are around the same level, all of them are significantly more difficult than all the Tier 1 HM bosses and very hard for Tionese groups. So it's not like most of the people with Tionese can at least clean 1-2 bosses, get the upgrade and try to do more next time.

And I don't understand what are you people against? Would the LR-5/Sav Rak fight have less fun if they drop Rakata? No. Will the majority try it with Tionese right now? No, but with better gears, more people will be willing to do it.
You don't understand, because you don't want to understand. It has been said by numerous people lots of times that the reason why this wouldn't be feasible is how the flashpoints are infinitely repeatable to obtain full rakata gear rather than through the traditional way of weekly operation attending. The reward already offered in HM LI is well in accordance with it's difficulty. Rakata Chestpiece is among the most difficult to obtain Rakata item in the game, and I know a lot of people who have even BH gear but no weapon, that Columi weapon given there is also quite often sought for. I am not even adding the pet and the mount, not to mention the 8 additional BH comms to your already 5.
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