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Actually "good" tionese groups can clear LI HM, I've met a tank who done it in recruit gear first time with his guild. However by the term "good" I'm talking about the top 5% who are at the top of their game and know their class inside out.

However the gear requirements should not be based on what "good" players can achieve but what the majority can, the reason BW seem to think tionese is OK for the masses is because they probably want more people queuing for it. It's a misconception to the average joe who thinks he can handle it in tionese or recruit on a random PuG GF run when really his group will be picking up the pieces because of it.
I know there are groups, but it's really hard to meet 1 with GF.

Tionese groups have trouble because

LR-5 fight has a lot of things going on, it's difficult to avoid all the damage from adds/bubble/lava, the tank also has to interrupt every incinerate asap. So Tionese people are going to have a longer fight and mistake has a bigger chance to occur, and their gear does not allow it to happen.

Sav Rak is mostly about the healing, sure people can avoid damage but it's not easy especially with lags, his smash is not hard to manage but 1 mistake on that pretty much=wipe. The boss also have a tight enrage timer. 2 days ago my sorcerer did it with mostly Columi groups and it enraged once when it has 10k HP left. Tionese groups surely will have a challenge.

Lorrick is all about DPS, that group I mentioned finished his 1st phase when the 1st champion Kolto was released and took a little while to finish his 2nd phase(burning rakghouls), his 3rd phase is also a DPS rush so Tionese groups have to do really well on that.