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Throughout the galaxy I go - from planet to planet - saving the day.
I am the deus ex machina of some galaxy far far way!

No wait… I’m not! WE are… All of us! Well, at least that’s what this game is trying to tell us.

Last night when I completed yet another planet, and was told, if I may paraphrase – “Thank you for saving Balmorra! We don’t know what we would have done without you!”

Now, this isn’t my “CLASS EPIC”… this is the same quest line everyone gets on every planet they go to…. “Save us oh mighty deus ex machina!”

I had never really done this, but I had to stop for a moment and say, “Wait, I did nothing of the sort! There are hundreds of other hero’s here that are doing the same thing!” And when I rode off on my speeder, dodging blaster fire from all the exact same mobs that I “saved them from”, the feeling was even emptier.

With that said, I just wanted to reiterate what has been said since this game launched… This is not an MMO, it is an online single player game. THE ENTIRE GAME is….

It is an online social media hub, for a single player game.

And… for lack of a better phrase. “Bioware, you’re doing it wrong.”

Nothing wrong with molding us players into “heroes”, that’s kind of the point in these games. But being the “savior of the universe” (hence the deus ex reference) – is just too much.

I’d feel much better about playing this game knowing I “contributed to the success of my chosen faction”… instead of outright being made to believe I was the sole reason we are winning.

Not sure what this thread will produce, but I’d like to hear what you think would make the “planet series” quests a little less “ZOMG UR OUR SAVIOR!”

I would have liked to seen the planet story more geared towards something like “Look, another member of Havoc Squad has arrived! With this and all the Jedi that have come on the scene surely the tide will shift in our direction!”

I mean really… give the other players that have arrived on the scene some credit too.

Just sayin'
So... How many people killed the Lich King again?

Oh, nevermind... i guess WoW is a single player game too...
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