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Ever heard of the Holocron Continuity Database? George will agree with me because all the above have been accepted personally by George Lucas and classed as canon. Anything Star Wars has to be accepted by Lucas before it can become canon. KOTOR 1 & 2 and the Darth Bane Trilogy are C-Canon. And the dark side is G-Canon. Please read this. So yes, he does agree with all of those powers. And no, I don't know what you mean - none of the powers are remotely 'silly'.
So I read that entire wiki page. If you go only by George Lucas, nothing except the films is really canon. Though he also claimed there would never be another movie. So whatever that's worth. The artist in him has a deep conflict with the business side. Considering there's nothing to protect anything labeled C-canon if George Lucas suddenly decides to debunk it, that's really not much to go on.