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I just dont understand how can PVP be competitive or balanced in a game when we are able to fight against premades in regular
And what players do when see that its a premade ?? Just leave...and this happens many times.

The PVP only gonna be competitive when premades play only against premades, and not against solo randoms.
Be honest, you want the premades out of your warzones because they are better than you, right? As much as people will dress it up as better coordination and VOIP being the main factors, you are simply being outgeared and outplayed and are upset that you can't compete with these players while they almost always get wins.

It's a valid reason to be frustrated, I won't argue that. But not having as good of gear and skill (maybe just your team and not necessarily you individually) is easily resolved by gaining that advantage yourself in the current environment. Gear gap will all but disappear tomorrow and completely disappear shortly thereafter. As to the ability of your team, that will always be random if you don't know who you are going to be queued with. You will continue to be frustrated for as long as you solo queue if you go in with the mentality that both teams are going to be equal and you will experience the renaissance of competitive PVP by eliminating groups.

Simply because you are queuing solo does not mean you are bad/casual/antisocial. It could mean people you know are busy in other areas. It could mean you are on at an off time because of a schedule change. It could mean you just want to get in a quick match or two. All of these are reasons to solo queue but none are reasons to ALWAYS solo queue.

You can't tell me that you don't want to group, warzones are inherently group dependent since it is 8v8. You can't tell me you only get 30 min to an hour to play 2 days a week and expect anyone to feel sorry for you in a very time dependent game. Not only is the leveling process and gear grind extremely long, but there are 8 ACs with 3 trees each plus hybrid builds to learn to counter. It also takes all of 15 seconds to get a PVP group together if you make some friends or join a guild.

Essentially the argument I hear from those advocating against premades is more in regards to finding a way to make regular warzones more casual friendly which separating queues does not accomplish. In fact, longer queues would be a detriment to players who play less frequently by offering fewer chances to play. They will still get rolled over by better players in a solo queue and different changes will have to be made to get more competitive matches together. You shouldn't care how the other team is grouped (or not) as long as the ability on each team is relatively equal. I'd rather have well balanced premade/PUG queues than random separate queues.
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