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I actually dropped my guild tag for lowbies, at least until I get some levels under my belt, and it is sooooo relieving not having anyone jump me either because they think I'm some unguilded scrub, or because they don't have a vendetta against my guild :P

And actually, a lot of people know who Krayshawn is, you don't because you're the newest batch of server transfers and he was gone for a little bit. I personally like the guy, he seems really cool and enthusiastic Though it does sadden me that you're rolling an Operative and not a scoundrel, so I need to fight you in 50's rather than fight with you :P
Hey man, I can't actually thank you for defending my honor... as i don't know who youare, gotta show that signature, but anyway, yah im back, but I won't be all IMP, i have some pub lowbies too... my vangaurd is boring now, my first game i pugged back it was just like slamming my hand and face on the keyboard to kill everyone...
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