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If you are going to suggest changes please take your PvP blinkers off and think how they effect the game as a whole.

Run 'n Gun would require PvE Mercs to be in melee range at all times in order to abuse it, dramatically changing the gameplay for a lot more players than it would help, and also having a huge effect on DPS.
huh? rocket punch is a melee ability. Run and Gun wouldnt increase the rate of fire for Tracer Missile, Power Shot, or Fusion Missile (all 1.5s casts = 1 GCD). PvE DPS would lose nothing by not using it, and gain nothing by using it.

the only possible major effect Run and Gun would have is for a Bodyguard merc (3 Rapid Scan instants), which would allow them to get 3 heals out quicker (1.5s instead of 2s). this would have an adverse effect on heat management tho. but Merc healers are already fine in PvE, and wouldnt need to use Run and Gun; they would be 100% fine without it.

Quote: Originally Posted by NoTomorrow View Post
Sorry but Run'n'Gun is overpowered. You get too much mobility and burst for a ranged DPS class.
Run and Gun would ONLY be gainable from Rocket Punch, which means we are in melee range. which is where we need the most help, we cant do crap against melee opponents right now. and Run and Gun *DOES NOT* increase the rate of fire or the damage of Tracer Missile, Fusion Missile, or Power Shot. it functions the exact same as Power Surge, but allows the use of 3 abilities rather than 1.

Jesus Christ, you are asking for a hydraulic overrides on a ranged class? You serious? I can get the shield with the 2 different set bonuses to 15 seconds, haha, i got damage reduction and immunity to every root and knockback for 15 seconds.
Hydraulic Overrides
Cooldown: 30s
Grants 8 seconds of immunity from movement-impairing effects, knockdowns and physics and increases movement speed by 30%.

What i have suggested for Pyrotech is to allow immunity to ROOTS AND SLOWS (movement impairing effects). you would still be susceptible to knockdowns and physics effects, and would receive no movement speed increase. so explain to me how i am asking for Hydraulic Overrides?

and if you are taking the armor set bonuses for the Energy Shield duration as a DPS class, you are doing it very very wrong.

Holy Raptor Jesus. You are asking for an universal cleanse??? How about some weaknesses? Sorc healers being vulnerable to tech debuffs while ops and mercs being vulnerable to force debuffs. And you suddenly want to be able to eliminate any debuffs in game with just one spamable cleanse?
if you have even read TWO POSTS ABOVE YOURS you would have seen that i have been suggesting that change for ALL HEALERS. limiting what debuffs can be cured to only certain healing classes is a very clunky mechanic, and it would make life much better for healers if they could reliably cure debuffs from their allies.

After terrible suggestions like these, i don't know who has no clue about mercs balance, you or bioware. Dude, you are heavily biased in favor of your merc. You are basically asking it to be OP instead of balanced. It's the same as if I, a sniper would be asking to get stealth scan and passive stealth detection +3.
pull your head out of the sand please. you offered no logical arguments against any of my suggestions other than "OH SWEET JESUS THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOO OVERPOWERED!!!11!!!". stealth scan? passive stealth detection is already wicked high, dont think you need any help with that. just open your eyes.

before you post again, i suggest you read some of the thread. every single change i proposed focuses on utility and mobility enhancement. Merc is at the bottom of list, by a significant margin, in each of those categories right now.
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