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Ok Krayshawn i wasn't going to address you , i seen your various posts in various threads , I like your enthusiasm but slow down no one knows who you are and drawing attention to yourself gets you focused. The games i seen you in you were not breaking 300k or anywhere near that i was pushing your ^%$ in. My sage is dumptruck....
Hey man you're Dumptruck? That cool, you aight, you have beat on me with those sniping pebbles of death, lethal to all operatives... I have not played with you in any good games to be honest, Every one has those bad games and it is likely you have contributed to mine. Once I am geared hopefully our premades will fight against each other. If you shun my 300 plus games, I have several picks of over 400dps, most recently I snapped a 472dps, and when I was 16 a 387k game.

EDIT:For your information, I was not complaining about being focused, I am a squishy and am more than used to it, i have played a healer in the past, I know what getting focused could be, zephyranthes and samuraijake, i miss you guys, any way yeah so I wasn't talking about myself.
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