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However I have the mindset that if my team is losing over and over. Theres has to be something I can do to change that. I hear people talking about pubs suck, or they still on the weekly on a friday. I dont care what class you play, if youre losing much more then you win. You have to at least start with yourself, everyone uses the easy excuse of "REPUBLIC SUCKS." Thats just a easy out! Those that say: Republic sucks, yet they are republic? they're saying they suck.
I'm pretty sure it's not me when losing game after game on republic, just like I don't feel like I totally carried the team when winning game after game (imp v pub) on my imp toons.

It's about teamwork, bringing the right classes/specs, and having a higher density of non-mouthbreathers. It only takes one idiot who doesn't know how to avoid a leap to lose your competitive huttball match for you.
A classic sig that should not be lost:
Stunned , pew pew hack slash , stunned , running backward circles, stunned cannot move, pew pew, break stun, 30 second snare, wha?!?!!? stunned, knockdown, ...less stun more pew pew and hacknslash please.