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12.20.2011 , 11:16 AM | #1
Hey, so I have been fighting to get into the game since about the 17th. Sec question fiasco and I sent all the 900 screenshots they need to reset on the 17th as well as not being able to redeem my codes. So getting sick of no response and wanting to play I created a new account which everything works wonders on. I sent another email but figured I would post here for anyone having a similar issue.

What I would like done I'd both my email I wanted To use and my join date switched to this account as well as The other account deleted so I can accomplish that.

Again I sent another email just wanted another public record of it.

PS posted on an iPhone so forgive any mistakes
PSS this is not anything I need right away, I know there is bigger issues people are having. Just when you have time!!