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Discussion looks like Greek tragedy where either opposing side was right or doing the right thing.

I would however consider gamebreaking or unfair imposing on players the need to clear everything - that is what communication is for - agree on start one way or the other, stay or leave by own decision and suck it up if you have not left the group which you did not like.

On my side I was never met with any rude or insulting behavior when asking in FP if anyone would do bonus bosses because I never seen them yet. It turned out in each group that there was at least 1 other person who never did it. Funny moment comes when group who blitzes in 15 mins through HM FP for BH comms start wiping on bonus boss.


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You do not need BH commendations from HM Flashs if you run operations and get campaign gear from ops loot.
There's no hard work to get BH comms enough for implants and ears (35 each) - the only BIS gear you can not take from ops loot. And these gear is not vital for ops effectiveness. It helps, but not vital.
That's right but we're hamsters on the treadmill.