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Who are you again?

And yeah this influx of twinks is kind of ruining any hope of the new F2P'ers trying out pvp in the 50 bracket. Been playing vs them all day with my uncensored tag and getting focused like crazy every game.
I actually dropped my guild tag for lowbies, at least until I get some levels under my belt, and it is sooooo relieving not having anyone jump me either because they think I'm some unguilded scrub, or because they don't have a vendetta against my guild :P

And actually, a lot of people know who Krayshawn is, you don't because you're the newest batch of server transfers and he was gone for a little bit. I personally like the guy, he seems really cool and enthusiastic Though it does sadden me that you're rolling an Operative and not a scoundrel, so I need to fight you in 50's rather than fight with you :P