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So I used to do LARPing (think of it as live action D&D) every month. We used very light PVC/foam weapons to fight with. I used dual wield swords, mostly for the versatility of them. I could use one up and one down for more defense, or both up for more offence (there were a lot of people who used sword and shield, but that doesn't apply here). There were hundreds of us who played and we had tournaments every year. No one ever used a Bo Staff (double bladed light saber) because they were an easy target. And no one ever used a single sword. I won my divisions tourney a couple of times using two swords. Every time someone swung at me high, you block with one sword and swing at the legs with the other.

There is a lot of theory in this thread, but I can say from experience. Two swords are better than one, and better than a staff.