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Yea, I was fighting you guys yesterday.

Bloody, you...are...a...challenge... but! if you weren't, that would mean you are terrible at this game. I assume you are geared to the teeth and you are running the, arguably, most powerful spec in the current meta game.

Yesterday I was queuing quite a bit and ran into Tryhard Stampede several times, I don't have any purple mods.. I should, but I am too lazy to get on my cyber tech. I am running blue mods and a couple of greens. Every game I run top of the charts on my Lethality Operative, the games I ran into you all, and got my **** pushed in, 10 death versus your maybe 2-3, i still came in 2-3rd place.

I dont know who your tropical... scoundrel is, but you guys need to slap him. The only time I ever ran into him, was when Unicorn pulled my to my death in huttball. He is playing mid tree, he level 39, I assume he doesn't have gear, because as a scrapper he only got like 150k+ (dont remember exact number) in HUTTBALL, a scrappers home and paradise. When i was running concealment to level 27, I broke 300k almost all my huttballs, now as lethality i still do, but when getting acid bathed by Unicorn I only got a mere 240k and came in 3rd.

You guys are good, You all remind me of what me and my buddies and Cell block used to do, *cough* in the 50 bracket*cough* (lol), i guess ill just have to fully twink out and show my moves.

Good luck out there, and stop focusing your "enemies" in lowbie, its a douche move, back when i used to play ranked, **** got real, it was stressful, and Lowbie was a great place to ease the nerves with a cold one. In a voidstar last night the guy with the uncensored tag had 13 deaths, i had 5 or 6.
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